Pixel Panzers WIP #3

Today we improved the effects that are played when a tank gets hit by a projectile. Here is the final effect, when a T34-76 gets hit:


There are 3 main components to this effect:

  • Camera shake. It's always a great way to represent the energy of the impact.
  • Animated sparks that spawn after the projectile connects.
  • Tank turns white for couple of frames after the impact. To achieve this effect, we spawn a duplicate of the tank, and apply a special shader that oversaturates the color and quickly fades back to normal.

Pixel Panzers will be made with Spider

We are thrilled to announce that Pixel Panzers will be the first game to be made with Spider!

As a game engine company, we consider the first project made with our tech as critically important. We can't think of a better fit for us than Pixel Panzers, and we will be working directly with the Authors to produce it in 2018.

Stay tuned on Pixel Panzers' development at: